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Parnavee Pathak

Parnavee Pathak

Research Intern | July 2022

The opportunity to write for Urban Design Square was a new and exciting experience. I had the freedom to choose my own topic of interest and pursue it. I was guided (patiently) in accordance to my topic and gained a lot of perspective through this experience.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-27 at 6.26.24 PM - pranita Varma 39.jpeg

Pranita Varma

Research Intern | September 2022

The 4-week writing programme helped me learn more about the structure of writing and how to present ideas clearly. It was also great because I wasn't forced to write about something I wasn't onboard with.

Ritika Singhal.jpeg

Ritika Singhal

Research Intern | November 2022

It was quite a wonderful experience working on the article with the Urban Design Square. While I was given entire freedom at the ideation and conception stage, the guidance helped me narrow down and structure the ideas better.

Ananya Deb

Ananya Deb

Research Intern | October 2022

I am very thankful to Urban Design Square for giving me this opportunity to explore more into the research domain of Architecture and Urban Design. I truly believe that I have gained a better perception of research.

Kritika Lakhe.png

Kritika Lakhe

Research Intern | June-July 2023

Being a part of the team working on the publication at Urban Design Square, it was a very creative experience to bring a variety of studies into one framework. The study helped me understand the multitudinous perceptions and patterns of street interventions in diverse contexts.

Parnavi Harde.jpg

Parnavi Harde

Research Intern | June-July 2023

My experience at Urban Design Square helped me in building a contextual understanding of people's behaviour. The internship provided me an opportunity to learn how a research is organised and conducted.

Deyasini Das.jpg

Deyasini Das

Research Intern | June-July 2023

It was really a wonderful experience to work with Urban Design Square. This internship helped me understand research work in a different way. I personally gained a lot of knowledge about the research field, which will help me in my academic career.

Bavish S M.jpg


Research Intern | June-August 2023

Working at Urban Design Square on a report was a new learning for me. During the internship I got the opportunity to learn the process of report compilation. I also learnt some new thumb rules for graphic representation that improved my understanding.

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