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Creating places

Creating space is a necessary first step towards providing public spaces, especially in neighbourhoods that have a dense urban fabric. There are various mechanisms that help in reclaiming land, amalgamating it and further redeveloping it. However, the mere presence of space does not make it suitable for public life to thrive. As urban designers, converting the ‘created space’ into ‘place’ for people is where the challenge lies.

For a public place to be successful, its functions shall meet the demands of the neighbourhood.

School-Home Linkages © Cure India

An active community participation in redevelopment projects empowers the people to address issues within their neighbourhood. The focus should be to ensure equal representation from all segments of the community. A detailed sociological study of the neighbourhood can help understand the various user groups, their demands and therefore, help in conceptualising the idea of an inclusive public space

Empowering women © SEWA Delhi

Tweaking the amount of various existing public activities in a neighbourhood based on the demands of user groups can help in gradually improving the quality of life by providing a sense of belonging within the neighbourhood. Hence, the process of placemaking for an existing neighbourhood when through an active community participation creates meaningful and required public places.


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