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Place is an inseparable aspect of daily life and is intimately linked to our life experiences. Place is the intersection between human behav

Burra Bazaar, also known as the Bara (big) market in Kolkata, is one such area in the city that teems with a plethora of activities day in a

Amidst the chaos and commotion of our bustling cities, hidden from our minds yet illuminated by our footsteps lie the unsung heroes of our d

Despite the enormous size of the lake, there is a relatively small area of land around it that is intricately connected to the city.

How often do we find ourselves driving to a neighbourhood park or to a grocery store for daily needs? How much distance do we have to negoti

While new privately-owned shopping malls are being added to our cities with a claim to compensate for the shortage of public realm, they...

The study of public places has always been an important element of architectural and urban studies. What acts as a pivot to the diverse theo

The study of public spaces has been a focal point in the domains of urban research, planning, and design. While some scholars lay emphasis

Street art goes beyond adding to the aesthetics of a place but also contributes to its cultural, social, and economic aspects.

While there are a lot of unresolved issues, Indian streets are great examples of vibrancy, synergy, and new experiences.

Creating space is a necessary first step towards providing public spaces, especially in neighbourhoods that have a dense urban fabric....

Informal neighbourhoods lack designated public spaces, yet they are one of the best examples of community interaction. These...

Placemaking, a concept that has been gaining traction in urban planning and design, is all about turning public spaces into vibrant, people

Margaret Crawford introduced the idea of everyday urbanism, describing it as "an approach to urbanism that finds its meanings in everyday li

Dating back to the 11th century BC, Varanasi is steeped in tradition and is stretched out over a seven-kilometre length along the banks

Public places lie at the core of city life and have several stories to tell through their evolution. It could be a story of the growing...

The built environment of cities provide a ‘space’ for creating opportunities of social interaction. However, it is the presence of people...

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